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New industry focused training opportunities for psychology and neuroscience PhD students announced

The Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences’ new Graduate Education and Industry Centre (GEIC) is excited to announce the official establishment of its Industry-Linked Pathway initiative.

Medicine & health

Professor Tom Davis nominated for prestigious Eureka Prize

Professor Tom Davis of the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences has been nominated for a prestigious Eureka Prize. The nomination for the “2016 University of Technology, Sydney Eureka Prize for Outstanding Mentor of Young Researchers” recognises Professor Davis’s commitment to sharing his experience and knowledge with colleagues and postdoctoral researchers.

University news

There’s a time to put down the smartphone, seriously!

Fans of singer-songwriter Alicia Keys were greeted with a simple message earlier this year when they entered the Highline Ballroom, in New York, to watch her perform.

Arts & culture

Findings shed light on autoimmune role in thymus

It has been known for almost three decades that B cells exist in the thymus but their function there has been unclear. Associate Professor Menno van Zelm explored this neglected area and has arrived at world-first findings answering this riddle.

Medicine & health
Anton Peleg and Jason Trubiano

Study to improve use of antibiotics in hospitals

A study showing that antibiotics were the cause of nearly half the severe cutaneous drug reactions requiring hospital admission may lead to safeguards for the way antibiotics are prescribed.

Medicine & health
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