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Early global greenhouse event gave rise to fire-adapted trees

Conifers that were living at the South Pole show an extreme adaptation to forest fires. Until now, the origin of this ability has been unknown from the fossil record.


Monash researchers usher in new era of astronomy with the first detection of colliding neutron stars

Eric and Paul

A team of researchers at Monash University has taken part in the detection of gravitational waves from a pair of merging neutron stars. The result is likely to be remembered as one of the biggest astronomical discoveries of the 21st century.


Dr Michael Kirby delivers this year's Richard Larkins Oration

Monash University’s annual Richard Larkins Oration in Melbourne was at the Myer Mural Hall on Wednesday, 4 October 2017. Representatives of business, government, industry, alumni and University supporters attended this prestigious event to hear the Honourable Dr Michael Kirby AC CMG deliver his oration.

University news

Global warming predicted to trigger more frequent and intense thunderstorms in the tropics

A new analysis of climate-change predictions suggests that the frequency of severe thunderstorms is likely to increase in tropical and sub-tropical regions as the planet warms.


Simple blood test reduces antibiotic use in patients with acute respiratory infections

Patients with acute respiratory infections should be tested for a blood marker for bacterial infection to determine antibiotic treatment, according to the large international study including research at Monash University.

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