Oxfam-Monash partnership

The Oxfam-Monash Partnership is built on a simple idea – that by  working in partnership we can achieve more than working on our own.

Development organisations and academic institutions both play  key roles in global development and poverty reduction. Yet their impact can be  much greater when these efforts are combined.

Together, Oxfam and Monash are driving exciting initiatives that  are strengthening and enriching the work of the development sector around the  world.


We conduct action research projects in a number of countries that  empower communities on the ground and support positive community-driven change.  By combining the academic rigour of Monash academics and ground-level expertise  of Oxfam staff, our partnership is able to achieve research outcomes that would  not otherwise be possible.

Student Engagement

We run a number of programs that aim to develop meaningful  connections between students, Oxfam and the broader development sector.  We believe that by fostering these connections,  we help to build a generation of aware, informed and inspired future leaders,  ready to drive positive global change throughout their lives and careers.

Practitioner development events

We host regular practitioner development sessions and other events  that promote knowledge sharing and learning within the international  development sector. By sharing what we and others have learnt, and by reflecting  on what this means for the work that we do, we believe that our collective development  efforts can be significantly strengthened.