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Schools Access Monash


Through Schools Access Monash we work in partnership with 40 schools to the south east of Melbourne and Victoria. We run activities with students from Year 8 to Year 12 to inform their decision-making and support their engagement and knowledge of university and campus life. 

The program delivers a range of in-school and on-campus activities that allow students to engage in higher education at an early stage of their development, as well as experience university life first hand via interactive sessions.


Visit Schools Access Monash activities to find out more about the activities we offer.

The EPIC framework

We realise that choosing to pursue higher education is an epic decision, so we use the word 'EPIC' to shape the activities that we offer in the Schools Access Monash program:

  • Enthused – We inspire students to follow their interests
  • Prepared – We assist students to become academically and personally ready
  • Informed – We empower students to explore and evaluate their study and career options
  • Connected – We help students develop supportive relationships and make them feel part of the university community.

Other programs and support we offer

As part of the Schools Access Monash program we also offer the following activities: