Student life and support

Prepare for study


Here are some tips to help you get started.

Things to do Information to help you
Get your books and stationery
Login to the portal
  • Important dates – course and study related dates
  • My timetable – your allocated lectures, tutorials, etc
  • My units – details of the units you’re enrolled in
  • Notices – details about important things happening on campus
  • Student news – stories about Monash and other students
  • Post a promotion – links to opportunities, events, etc
Discover Google Apps
  • Calendar – add your important dates and subscribe to other calendars
  • Email – check this at least twice a week
  • Drive – share group assignments online
  • Hangouts – chat in real time
  • Google+ – for social networking
  • Storage – take advantage of 30GB of free storage
  • Access to Google apps from your mobile device or any computer with internet access
  • Additional Google services you can opt in to
Get into study mode
Discover the library
Know the study-related policies
Get additional help