Mr Alan Ramadan

Mr Alan Ramadan (BSc 1984)

Alan Ramadan (BSc 1984) is one of the most experienced technology executives to emerge from Australia.

As Senior Vice-President of the Mobile and Device Solutions Business Unit at Adobe Systems, Inc - the world's fourth largest software company - he was responsible for software that displays web content on mobile and consumer electronic devices such as Nokia and Samsung handsets, Sony Playstation and XBOX.

Under his leadership products such as Macromedia Flash Lite and FlashCast became critical for the delivery of data services for mobile devices.

Alan began his career in 1984 as a mathematician and computer scientist at BHP Steel, and then moved on to establish a small consulting and services company specialising in applied mathematics consulting and software development.

In 1990 he founded OzWare, an Australian software development company that won contracts with leading Unix vendors including AT&T, Pyramid and Sequent.

From 1992-1995 Mr Ramadan served as CEO of Fluid Thinking, the technology partner for the Australian America's Cup Challenge.

In 1996 he co-founded Quokka Sports and served as its president and CEO until 2000. He was recognised by Time Magazine as a member of the Top Fifty Time Digital Cyber Elite; Upside Magazine named him one of its 'Elite 100’ and BRW named him one of Australia’s IT wizards.

After serving two years on the board of software firm Macromedia, Mr Ramadan joined the company in 2002 as its chief marketing officer. He was subsequently promoted to the position of Executive Vice-President and General Manager of mobile and devices.

In 2005 Adobe acquired Macromedia and Mr Ramadan took up the position as Senior Vice-President of the Mobile and Device Solutions Business Unit.

Mr Ramadan retired from Adobe in 2008 and is currently a co-founder and partner at Play Bigger Advisors, LLC., the preeminent marketing strategy and execution firm in Silicon Valley.

In 2009 he was recognised by Monash with a Distinguished Alumni Award.

Alan Ramadan graduated from Monash in 1984 with a double degree in computer science and applied mathematics. He also graduated from Stanford University's Executive Program for Growing Companies in 1995.

An accomplished sportsman, Mr Ramadan has represented Australia in baseball and yachting.