Dr Anthony Collins

Dr Anthony Collins (BE 1971)

Dr Anthony Collins (BE 1971) is President of Clarkson University in New York, a position he has held since 2003.

After graduating from Monash, Dr Collins moved to the US and gained a Masters from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

He returned to Australia, developing a small environmental engineering company before working with Utah Development Company, a US coal and iron mining firm with operations in Australia. His work there on ground and surface water issues inspired him to return to Lehigh to study for his PhD.

After receiving his PhD in 1982 Dr Collins began his career at Clarkson University as an assistant professor, later serving as department chair and dean.

He was a leader in developing project-based team learning, for which the university received national recognition. He introduced an interdisciplinary focus to teaching, research and learning, and was actively involved in major fundraising initiatives.

In 2003 Dr Collins was appointed the university's president.

His board appointments include:

  • Business Council of New York State Inc.
  • Seaway Private Equity Corporation (President)
  • New York's Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities (Vice-Chair)
  • Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries
  • The Solar Energy Consortium
  • Central New York Metropolitan Development Authority
  • Essential New York Initiative
  • New York Indoor Environmental Quality Center
  • Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environment and Energy Systems
  • Sriya Innovations (Board of Advisors)

He has received awards for outstanding teaching and research, and is the author of more than 90 professional publications.