Mr. Ken McNaughton

Ken McNaughton

Russell Costello, father of fellow alumni Peter and Tim, was the first teacher at Carey Baptist Grammar School of Ken McNaughton, who graduated prox accessima dux of school. He took a B.E.(Chem) at the University of Melbourne and was the first graduate in any discipline from the Monash Engineering School, being awarded an M.Eng.Sci. in December 1964.
After founding and running a communications network for a non-profit foundation, Ken received five broadcast awards in New York City as host, director and producer of radio shows.
At the McGraw-Hill Publications Company he was an editor of Chemical Engineering magazine and editor-in-chief of Industrial Chemist. At the American Institute of Physics, after becoming managing editor of Physics Today, he founded and ran The Industrial Physicist for ten years. He has published more than a hundred articles in technical magazines.
Ken co-authored “John Ross McNaughton (1814-1885): His Family, Descendants and Historic Properties;” published four memoirs on the website of the University of Melbourne; and forty-three illustrated essays on the website of the Clan Macnachtan Association Worldwide, where he is regional commissioner for the eastern-central U.S. Ken has also contributed articles to the Port Phillip Pioneers Group and genealogy magazines all over Australia.
Ken made twenty appearances as Virginia delegate Benjamin Harrison in Episode Two of the award-winning HBO television miniseries “John Adams” and played the lead role of Robert Johnson in “A Common Bond,” an official selection at the 2011 Tupelo International Film Festival.
He is listed in the Marquis Publication “Who’s Who in America,” 2013, 2014 & 2015.