Dr Peter Rogers

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Dr Peter Rogers (BE 1967, PhD 1974) has been  the Managing Director of International Consultants   Centre Pty Ltd, the Mobility consulting arm of MERCER, since 2001.

He is on the board of  Hepburn Wind – Australia’s   first community-owned wind farm based at Daylesford, Victoria. He is also a    Director of the Acclaim Awards, and Chairman of the Monash Engineering Foundation.

After graduating from Monash, Peter began his engineering career at ICI   Australia as Sulphuric Acids Superintendent. He was appointed staff manager at   the company in 1980 and in 1984 moved to London to take up a position HR   Director, Overseas Group Operations.

He has also held positions as Director of ICI Bangladesh (a pharmaceutical   company) and ICI Bangladesh Operations (a trading company) and HR Director of   ICI’s extensive India operations.

He was a director of the London-based board of Employment Conditions Abroad   Ltd (ECA) for two four-year terms between 1985 and 2000.

In 2011, Monash recognised his volunteer commitment to the University through a Distinguished Alumni Service Award.