Staff directory

Executive staff

Professor Carla Wilkin
Head, Accounting

Dr Aldónio Ferreira
Deputy Head, Accounting

Academic staff

HALL, Matthew Professor
Director of Research, Accounting (Semester 2, 2017)
HDR Coordinator, Accounting
MORONEY, Robyn Professor
Director of Research, Accounting
NAVISSI, Farshid Professor Caulfield
RANKIN, Michaela Professor
Deputy Dean (International), Monash Business School
TRUONG, Cameron Professor Caulfield
WILKIN, Carla Professor
Head, Accounting
CHENHALL, Robert Emeritus Professor Clayton
LANGFIELD-SMITH, Kim Emeritus Professor Clayton
PEIRSON, Graham Emeritus Professor Clayton
CHEN, ChenAssociate ProfessorCaulfield
KOBER, Ralph Associate Professor
Director of Programs, Accounting        
McGUIGAN, Nicholas Associate Professor
Director of Education, Accounting
SUGIANTO, Ly-Fie Associate Professor Caulfield
CEGLOWSKI, Andrzej (Red) Senior Lecturer
Course Director, Master of Professional Accounting
FEHRENBACHER, Dennis Senior Lecturer Caulfield
FERREIRA, Aldonio Senior Lecturer
Deputy Head, Accounting
HAMAN, Janto Senior Lecturer
Course Director, Master of Accounting
HANLON, Dean Senior Lecturer
Honours Coordinator, Accounting        
KARUNA, Christo Acting Course Coordinator, Master of Professional Accounting Clayton
LU, Wei Senior Lecturer Caulfield
MCNICHOLAS, Patty Senior Lecturer Clayton
MOULANG, Carly Senior Lecturer
Accounting Seminar Coordinator
NG, Anthony Senior Lecturer Caulfield
ROTARU, Kristian Senior Lecturer Caulfield
ALLEN, Ellinor Lecturer Caulfield
ADRIAN, Christofer Lecturer Caulfield
GARG, Mukesh Acting Course Coordinator, Master of Accounting Caulfield
GERRAND, John Lecturer Clayton
GOYAL, Mahendra Lecturer Berwick
HUANG, Ting-Chiao (Joey) Lecturer Clayton
KHEDMATI, Mehdi Lecturer Clayton
KIM, Sunyoung Lecturer Caulfield
KRUEGER, Peter Lecturer
Head of Faculty (Peninsula campus)
and Deputy Course Director, Bachelor of Business
LAMBERT, DamienLecturerCaulfield
LIN, Dr Yi-Hung (Jerry) Lecturer Clayton
LIU, Jiancheng (Duncan) Lecturer Caulfield
MITRIONE, Lorena Lecturer Caulfield
NAGARAJAN, Ram Lecturer Caulfield
NAIDU, Dharmendra Lecturer Clayton
PARK, JongwonLecturerCaulfield
PHANG, Soon-Yeow  Lecturer Caulfield
POP-VASILEVA, Aleksandra Lecturer Caulfield
POWELL, Lisa Lecturer Berwick
PRASAD, Ashna Lecturer Clayton
PUCCI, RichardLecturerCaulfield
SENG, Daisy Lecturer Caulfield
SERRY, Alan Lecturer Clayton
STAMATELATOS, Anna Lecturer Caulfield
SUJAN, Ahmad Lecturer Clayton
TELLO, Edward Lecturer Caulfield
THAMBAR, Paul Lecturer Caulfield
THORADENIYA, Prabanga Lecturer Clayton
UNDA, Luisa Lecturer Clayton
VAN MOURIK, Greg Lecturer Caulfield
WEBSTER, John Lecturer Clayton
XIAO, Xinning Lecturer Caulfield
ZHANG, Yumin (Karen)LecturerCaulfield
BARRATT, Cathy Assistant Lecturer Clayton
GONG, Maleen Assistant Lecturer Clayton
JURIC, Daniela Assistant Lecturer Caulfield
PHILLIPS, Jonathan Assistant Lecturer Peninsula
SEWELL, James Assistant Lecturer Caulfield
THIAGARAJAH, Tirukumar Assistant Lecturer Caulfield
YAP, Paul Assistant Lecturer Caulfield
GHIO, AlessandroAssistant LecturerCaulfield
SONG, Chenlan (Michelle) Scholarly Teaching Fellow Clayton
TAO, Ngoc Bich Scholarly Teaching Fellow Caulfield

Professional staff

VELLA, Helen Department Manager
THALMEIER, Connie Administration Officer
PALOMBARO, Melissa Executive Assistant

Malaysia staff

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South Africa staff

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