Adrian Crosland

Adrian Crosland

Adrian Crosland

Monash Business School can give you so much more than an outstanding education; it really does give you the experience of a lifetime.

The quality of the education is outstanding, giving you the knowledge and skills to pursue your desired career. But there are so many additional  things you can do and try: professional development, social events, clubs and societies, and volunteering are just some of the things on offer a Monash Business School.

Until I was actually studying at Monash Business School I had never considered what type of career I would have, let alone studying a business discipline.

I originally enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts, with hopes of transferring into a Bachelor of Laws after my first year. But during my first year I studied Politics and Sociology units and I discovered a strong interest in Economics. I knew this was something I needed to pursue further and transferred into the Bachelor of Economics. In my first two years of the BEc I studied majors in Finance and Econometrics. Although I enjoyed Economics, I loved studying units in these other complementary areas. As my passion for Finance and Econometrics grew, I transferred courses again, this time into a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics double degree.

The flexibility of my degree has been the most enjoyable component.

I've had the opportunity to complete two majors as well as a number of elective units. I also had the chance to study some units from the Faculty of Arts, which has provided breadth to my studies. The ability to change or explore other units as my interests development made my whole university experience even more enriching.

I think there are many advantages to studying multiple majors. The first of which is that you become more employable.

I knew that showing expertise and proficiency in multiple business disciplines would be viewed as a strong asset in the eyes of a potential recruiter. Furthermore, studying multiple majors allows you to pursue areas of interest and passion in great depth. If you're studying what you love, this will make your entire tertiary experience much more enjoyable. I ultimately chose to pursue a double degree in Commerce and Economics to provide the best opportunity in the business world.

I took me a number of years to realise what I was truly passionate about and I wanted to study these areas in as much depth as possible, but I got there in the end.