Andrea Georgiou

Andrea Georgiou

Andrea Georgiou

What motivated you to embark on an Executive MBA?

The thirst for knowledge, the need to broaden my outlook and have a more balanced and informed perspective were the motivating factors in enrolling in the MBA. With my previous experience in the corporate sector and my involvement in the family business, I was ready to move out of my comfort zone and was thrilled to discover I was capable of so much more.

How did you decide which MBA to study?

Selecting the right MBA program is paramount. For me, it was about the small class sizes, approachable and down to earth lecturers and the reputation of the Monash Executive MBA that appealed to me the most.

How has postgraduate study changed your career objectives?

The Monash Executive MBA has given me the confidence not to settle for less – to strive and work hard and earn the results. The program has surpassed any expectation I initially had of what I could accomplish with an MBA qualification.

Describe the most rewarding aspects of your Monash Executive MBA?

The Cranlana Colloquium program was one of the highlights of the program – I loved every bit of it.

The new business connections and networking opportunities offered through the program have been extraordinary. I've had the opportunity to meet other professionals from a range of industry sectors. Attending MBA forums and functions organised by the Monash Business School and MBA alumni is a great way to stay connected.

How has your professional life changed?

Enhancing my general business knowledge, and the resulting confidence of being a well-rounded business professional, have been the most obvious outcomes of my studies. I enjoyed the corporate finance unit the most, despite it being very intense. The individual corporate project was the most daunting and challenging, but at the same time, the most rewarding.

What strategies did you use to balance your MBA studies with work, family and other commitments?

My tip for anyone who is embarking on this journey is to stay focused, enjoy the journey and remember it's not forever (the program has a start and an end time). Most importantly learn to prioritise, don't procrastinate and don't give up.