David De Fazio

David De Fazio

David De Fazio

  • Degree type: Bachelor's degree
  • Degree: Bachelor of Commerce
  • Major(s): Accounting and Management
  • Current position: Accountant, Grant Thornton

Leading up to Year 12 I had encountered numerous information sessions and heard from course advisers on many occasions.

With such variety in universities and degrees, the decision had to be made as to where I wanted to be post high school. 

During high school business studies had always interested me and been my strong point. With a keen interest in business but not a specific field, a Commerce degree enabled me to get a taste of everything to see what I was stimulated towards before deciding on any majors. 

From my research and through communicating with course advisers, Monash was seen to be the number one business school. The reputation of the university was second to none and I was confident in achieving a diverse and quality education. 

Choice and flexibility was paramount to my study. Unlike other students who had already decided their majors from the outset, I was yet to make my decision upon entering the degree. It was not until second year that my decision to specialise was necessary, which relieved any pressure and allowed me to enjoy and be open to the range of core units provided.

I chose to major in accounting and management which I discovered I really enjoyed. I eventually decided that accounting was the career path that I wanted and I was able to successfully obtain a position with one of the worlds largest accounting firms.

My social life during this time was great. With so many different clubs running events throughout the year, as well as opportunities to take on co-curricular programs and other interesting learning experiences, there is great balance between fun and study at Monash. As treasurer of Amici (Italian Club), I developed my teamwork skills working in a small committee. It was eye opening to see the effort and involvement required to successfully run a club.