Dustin Lewis

Dustin Lewis

Dustin Lewis

  • Degree type: Master's degree
  • Degree: Master of Business Economics
  • Current position: Manager, Economics and Policy, KPMG

I completed my Bachelor of Economics at Monash Business School in 2009.

During this time, I opted to complete the vacation program at KPMG. The program ran in my penultimate year of study for eight weeks over summer.  I received a really good understanding of the type of work the firm does, and my successful completion of the vacationer program was very important in securing a graduate role at KPMG in 2010.

Although my undergraduate commerce degree provided me with a broad knowledge base across a number of disciplines, I found that I wanted to further develop my technical knowledge and skills in economics. The Master of Business Economics offered me the opportunity to do just this. The course covered the broad spectrum of economic disciplines; from economic theory to policy analysis to econometrics.

The course was flexible enough to fit around my full-time work schedule, so I didn't need to leave my job at KPMG. It's not often that coursework programs in economics allow you to complete the units after hours.

Both my undergraduate and postgraduate experience at Monash Business School has changed the way in which I approach business problems in a professional environment. It provided me with a different way of thinking, leading me to break down business and economic problems to their root causes and develop effective solutions.

I was surprised at how readily I could apply some of my newly developed knowledge and skills to my day to day role. I found economic modelling (as part of the 'Special Research Topics' unit) and strategic thinking (as part of the 'Game Theory and Business Strategy' unit) to be very applicable to my current job.

Since undertaking my master's degree I have moved from a general management consulting role into a specific economics and policy consulting role. This new position is also higher up within KPMG. Undertaking the Master of Business Economics allowed me to demonstrate to my employer that I was committed to pursuing a career in professional services. I believe that was a contributing factor to being promoted to my current role.

In my experience, Monash graduates are in the top two or three in terms of the number of graduates that KPMG in Melbourne employ each year. In my current role as a Management Consultant, I work with a range of different organisations to solve business problems. To do this, it is important to have a strong knowledge of local, national and global economic trends that will have an impact on a particular business.

Monash Business School has given me the knowledge and skills important for carrying out this role. These include soft skills such as report writing, giving effective presentations, networking and teamwork skills.