Hugh Farquhar

Hugh Farquhar

Hugh Farquhar

Monash provides students with a balance between professional, personal and academic development. 

It was important for me to study at a university that would not only provide me with the practical and theoretical skill set required to establish my own career, but also had a strong connection with industry, and whose established reputation I could leverage to advance my own personal ambitions.

I believe that my experience of going into university was very similar to other students.

I, like many others students, spent a lot of time in high school researching each different university and trying to get as much exposure and insight into each of the different courses being offered. Nonetheless it is always difficult to determine with absolute confidence which is the best course for us, given the uncertainty around our future career ambitions. It is often very difficult to know with exact precision and confidence what course is best suited to our future careers and personal ambitions. 

Monash University stood out to me as being the most flexible and student-centred university.

I knew there was a wide range of subjects and courses offered at Monash University as well as numerous campuses located both in Australia and overseas. My initial perception and subsequent experience of Monash was that they provided more flexibility in their course offerings. This allowed me to adapt to changing personal preferences and gave me the best possible opportunity to study a course that aligned with my own interests. 

Monash University has a unique culture.

Students are encouraged to work together and interact with one another in the common pursuit of delivering their best personal results. I have also been impressed with the amount of drive and commitment of Monash students, they share a common quality of excelling and wanting to always achieve their personal best. Many of the student clubs on campus have been created and run by tremendously impressive students with exceptional determination and ambition of whom I have learnt a great deal from.

My favourite aspect of being a student at Monash was the diversity of the students.

The student culture at Monash  is supported by a wide variety of student clubs and societies which provides students with an exceptional opportunity to meet each other and share common interests. I am a firm believer that we can learn a lot from our peers and the interactions I had from other students has been hugely positive. It showed me different and alternative ways to study, think, approach complex problems and work collaboratively with others. 

I was able to put into practice the financial theories learned at university to real life situations.

As part of my commerce degree I completed two industry internships. The first one was with Macquarie Capital and the second one was with UBS. Both are investment banking firms and I interned in at their Melbourne offices. The internships have given me invaluable commercial skills and have increased my financial analysis skills both theoretically and practically. The experiences from my internship developed my ability to work effectively in a team and gave me real life commercial skills and business acumen.

My advice to future students is to try everything!

Take advantage of as many different opportunities as possible while at university and try to experience as many different things you can. I applied for my overseas study online though the London School of Economics' website. I heard about the program through university friends who were also participating in the program. I studied in London for four weeks over the winter holidays between Semesters one and two and it was a fantastic experience.