Mark Teofilo

Mark Teofilo

Mark Teofilo

What is your work background?

I completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy with first-class honours from Monash University, and I've spent my career to-date working in pharmacies as a pharmacist and pharmacy manager.

I felt the Monash MBA was the perfect platform to take my career and personal development to the next level, particularly as I am a strong advocate of continuous development. I felt the Monash MBA had the right mix of practical hands-on experience and academic rigour.

How has postgraduate study helped you achieve your career goals?

Postgraduate study is an excellent way to take your career to the next level. It offers a platform for further development to ensure you aren't stagnate, and that you're continually achieving what you want to. Prior to commencing my studies, I researched the requirements and workload expectations of an MBA student, and I had reasonably high expectations of what I would achieve from my studies.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your Monash Executive MBA?

Completing the two corporate projects was an invaluable experience. Networking and making close friends with my cohort was also amazing. It was also a great challenge for me to take on areas I've previously never studied; such as accounting and finance.

What networking opportunities have your studies provided you with? Have you been able to use these new connections in your professional or personal life?
Completing the MBA provided a perfect opportunity to get to know my classmates on a personal and professional level. I believe that it is very important to maintain strong networks and after completing my studies I have had the opportunity to work on particular business projects and partnerships with my classmates.

What were the most important outcomes of studying an MBA?

For me, the most important outcomes were improving my all-round business knowledge, developing more diverse methods of tackling problems, and sharing thoughts with talented classmates.  I was also well-equipped with strong quantitative base and further refined my soft sills.

How did you balance your studies with work, family and other commitments?

Time management is the key to juggling the various demands of schooling and family. I tried to keep my life simple as I went through the process. It is important to maintain the balance and to not let certain facets of your life be neglected. Relaxation is as important as study.

How has your career changed post-MBA?

The Monash MBA has given me an excellent mindset to help me address the more challenging people management issues that I come across in my role. More importantly, its given me the perfect platform to transition into the next phase of my career.

What advice would you provide to future students who are considering studying an MBA?

Take the leap - it's an experience of a lifetime!