Mitchell Alexander

Mitchell Alexander

Mitchell Alexander

After a few years of full-time employment, I decided that I wanted some additional qualifications to give me a greater edge in a competitive job market.

I had previously studied a dual Bachelor of Journalism and Social Science degree. I have mostly worked since then in the areas of public policy development, stakeholder engagement and business strategy. I recently began to reflect on what really challenged and satisfied me most in my career - communication, engaging with stakeholders, acting strategically - and concluded that a marketing degree could best fuse and grow those skills.

The Master of Marketing is an engaging and interesting course that illustrates the role of marketing in the modern economy, and how marketing can provide value to any business.

This course has allowed me to cater my degree to my particular interests in marketing. The students I have been working alongside are equally interested in the subject matter, encouraging me to challenge my understanding and deliver my best possible work. We are offered the unique opportunity to apply cutting edge theoretical thinking to practical scenarios, both in terms of the case studies and my actual workplace. I have already become much more aware of the many facets of marketing that are at play in the economy. More than ever, I am fascinated by the interaction between consumers and businesses.

Through deepening my marketing knowledge bank and expanding my professional business network, the Master of Marketing will assist me with future career challenges.

My current employers have viewed my degree as making an important contribution to my professional development. They value the skills that I have been able to transfer to the business environment. I am now able to regularly call on marketing principles to better identify, understand and satisfy the many needs of SBS and their audience. This assists Australia's multicultural broadcaster to achieve its objectives of contributing to diversity, social cohesion and a sustainable Australian media landscape. I may seek to move into a marketing role in the future, but right now my work really benefits from being able to transfer key marketing skills, concepts and approaches to a corporate stakeholder engagement environment.

The fundamentals of marketing can be applied for numerous positive outcomes, whether that be efficiently satisfying consumer needs or through applying marketing principles for social causes.

The Master of Marketing has shown me the interconnected nature of a business' many operations, from supply and distribution to customer service and communication campaigns. This will assist me to consider challenges in a corporate environment from various angles and hopefully provide innovative solutions.

I was given a once in a lifetime experience to visit China for two weeks as part of the International Study Program.

In addition to witnessing firsthand the emergence of a global superpower and a vibrant culture, I was able to visit several Chinese market titans and learn about their marketing efforts. The journey was also another opportunity to build strong friendships with fellow students and build professional networks.