Research grants

ARC Linkage Grants

Project IDChief InvestigatorsProject TitlePartner Org
LP160101038Colin O'Hare, Bonsoo Koo,
Zili Zhu, David Cox, Douglas McBirnie
Towards a superannuation system
fit for the future 
Challenger Ltd
Accurium Pty Ltd

Our department had another very successful round of ARC Discovery and DECRA Grants with funding.

This result is again quite remarkable – according to the ARC Discovery Projects Selection Report, only 18 per cent of all projects submitted to this scheme were approved for funding.

This success brings the total of EBS academic staff receiving ARC funding to 21. These new projects have been added to the list below – our staff are identified by * and our staff who are also early career researchers are identified by **

Project IDChief InvestigatorsProject Title Funding Years
DE170100713Bonsoo Koo **Nonparametric estimation and forecasting of yield curve dynamics2017-2019
DP170104421Jiti Gao*

Econometric model building and estimation

DP170100729Gael Martin* David Frazier** Christian Robert, Eric Renault*The validation of approximate Bayesian computation.2017-2019

Vasilis Sarafidis* Professor Takashi Yamagata

Micro-panel data with non-linear error components

DP170103884German Valencia, Dianne Cook*, Csaba Balazs, Andreas Buja, Marzia RosatiVisualisation of multidimensional physics data.2017-2019
DP150104292Heather Anderson*, Bonsoo Koo**, Myung SeoForecasting when model stability is uncertain2015-2017
DP150101012Jiti Gao*, Peter PhillipsNon- and Semi-Parametric Panel Data Models: Theory and Applications2015-2019
DP150101728Gael Martin*, Catherine Forbes*, Brendan McCabe, Christian RobertApproximate Bayesian Computation in State Space Models2015-2017
DP150100210Mervyn Silvapulle*, Davide La Vecchia**, Marc Hallin

Robust Methods for Heteroscedastic Regression Models for Time Series

DP140100743Mark Harris, David Harris*, Brenda GannonThreshold Models in Micro-Econometrics with Applications to Health2014-2016
DP140103220Anastasios Panagiotelis**, George Athanasopoulos*, Rob Hyndman*, Farshid Vahid*Macroeconomic Forecasting in a Big Data World2014-2016
DP140102345Xueyan Zhao*, Don Poskitt*, Frank WindmejerPartial Identification of Treatment Effect in Binary Response Models with Applications in Health2014-2016
DP140100673Bill Griffiths, Duangkamon Chotikapanich*, Prasada RaoModelling Income Distributions over Space and Time: 1985-20102014-2016