Research collaborations

We are committed to having a positive impact on the world through our high-quality research. In order to do this, we cannot go past the fact that many of today's global issues require a multifaceted approach. Therefore, we are committed to our research collaborations and partnerships. By working with academic staff from across Monash Business School and Monash University, as well as those from other institutions, we can tackle these complex issues in a comprehensive way.

Through our consulting service, we have forged strong links with industry - benefiting business on a daily basis.

Several members of our department are actively involved in the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability (CDES) that brings together staff with research interests of relevance to developing countries. Research areas include:

  • microeconomic development - including health, education, microfinance, migration and remittances, poverty measurement, impacts of climate change, program evaluation and experimental methods
  • trade
  • macroeconomics
  • growth.