Behavioural and experimental economics

One of the department's key research strengths is in the area of behavioural and experimental economics. We use laboratory and field experiments to assess economic theories and evaluate various policies through diverse interventions.

Our staff are actively engaged in research applying experimental methods such as game theory, philanthropy, public economics and industrial organisation, and our research findings are published in leading national and international journals.

Current research topics include:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Auctions
  • Bargaining
  • Charitable giving
  • Corruption
  • Labour-market discrimination
  • Team and organisation decision making
  • Trading in markets

Research facilities

In addition to field experiments, some of the research in this area is conducted using the Monash Business Behavioural Laboratory (MBBL). This Lab is a state-of-the-art research facility, spearheading decision-making research.

The Economics department operates the Monash Laboratory for Experimental Economics (MonLEE). Here, economists test their hypotheses and contribute to policy making, advancing the science of economics around the globe.

Key researchers in this area include:

  • Klaus Abbink
  • Nick Feltovich
  • Lata Gangadharan
  • Phil Grossman
  • Elias Khalil
  • Andreas Leibbrandt
  • Pushkar Maitra
  • Vai-Lam Mui
  • Anmol Ratan
  • Birendra Rai
  • Erte Xiao