Our researchers have strengths in theoretical as well as empirical macroeconomics, examining large-scale economic factors. They cover three major areas:

Business cycles and monetary-fiscal interactions

Our research within this framework focuses on the design of: 

  • optimal monetary and fiscal policy
  • the optimal composition of government expenditure
  • models of expectations formation
  • the consequences of imperfect knowledge for economic fluctuations and policy design. 

Open economy macro and trade

In the field of trade and open economy macroeconomics we do research on factors such as:

  • the determinants of current accounts
  • the influence of macroeconomic policies on current accounts
  • how international trade is influenced by the characteristics of producers and households
  • international transmission of knowledge

Growth and development

Our researchers in the area of growth and development examine factors that have been responsible for growth over the past centuries, within the endogenous growth framework. This includes R&D, human capital, diseases and financial development.

Key researchers in macroeconomics include:

  • Horag Choi
  • Qingyuan Du
  • Ratbek Dzhumashev
  • Yi Jin
  • Jakob Madsen
  • Sephorah Mangin
  • Solmaz Moslehi
  • Siew Ling Yew