Complementary study

Approval of complementary study is not guaranteed. Complementary study applications will only be considered if the study is deemed to academically enhance the student's course of study at Monash University.

Download the application form from the Student Services Forms Page and follow the instructions outlined on the form.

Closing dates for complementary study

Applications for complementary study are now closed. Watch this space for upcoming application dates.


If you are a CSP student and wish to study at another institute you will be charged at the same CSP rate you are currently on, i.e. either up-front or deferred. International or full-fee students will be charged whatever the single unit current fee is at the other another institute.

Credit towards your Monash degree

You may receive credit towards your Monash degree if the unit has been approved by Monash, and:

  • is judged by the Course Coordinator to enhance your Monash degree, or
  • the unit is one of your last three, and due to circumstances beyond your control, you have to complete these units at another institute.

If you undertake a unit at another institution without Monash approval, it will not be credited to your Monash degree.

Once you have completed your complementary study you must provide the Faculty with original or certified evidence of your result which will then be entered against the special complementary unit codes.

Undergraduate students will not be given approval to take units solely for the purpose of accelerated course progression nor can they replicate units available at Monash, or substitute for Monash units.

If your application is rejected

You should select up to six units, in case some units are not acceptable and are not approved by the Course Coordinator.

Restrictions on international students

An international on-campus student studying at Monash will not be permitted to do complementary study, unless the unit is judged by the Course Coordinator to enhance their Monash degree or the unit is one of their last three, and due to circumstances beyond their control, they have to complete these units at another institution.

Appearance of results on your Monash record

If you pass the unit, the result will be entered against special complementary codes as SFR (satisfied Faculty requirements). If you fail the unit a Fail (N) result will be entered. If you do not provide the result in a timely fashion (i.e. within the same calendar year as your study), a fail (N) result  will also be entered.

Fees payment

You will receive a Fees Statement from Monash University in which the complementary study units will be included. You will pay for these at the same time as any other Monash fees are due.