Equity and social inclusion

We support the University's goals to provide a fair environment, respectful of different cultures, religions, genders, and sexual preferences, and supportive of people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions.

By upholding principles of equity and social inclusion, we help our staff and students to reach their full potential.

The Faculty of Business and Economics applies Monash University's policies for equity and social inclusion. We welcome staff, students and visitors from around the world and a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, who bring a cultural diversity that greatly enriches our faculty.

Our major activities are in four areas:

The Equity and Social Inclusion Committee of the Faculty of Business and Economics was established in 2010 to replace the Equity and Diversity Committee. Its revised name reflects the current structure and values of University committees. The Buseco Futures 2014-2017 includes a framework to ensure that our Equity and Social Inclusion goals are achieved.

Faculty contacts:

Equity and social inclusion at Monash University

Monash University promotes equity and social inclusion through its policies and programs and the work of its committee. Visit the full list of policies, programs, committee structures and drafts of new policies at the homepage of the The Social Justice Unit.

University social inclusion strategy and plans include:

Development and training