Academic skills development (MARS)

We offer a range of academic skills development programs and resources for our graduate Monash Business School students. These programs and resources are designed to further develop and enhance your academic skills, in addition to those offered by Monash Library.

Mastering Academic and Research Skills (MARS)

You are encouraged to enrol in this award winning Moodle site which has been designed by the Monash Library especially for graduate coursework students of Monash Business School.

MARS aims to improve your academic performance by developing your research and learning skills. The  six MARS modules contain online lessons and further resources to help you develop some of the key academic and research skills you need to succeed in your graduate study.

After completing all the MARS modules, you should be able to:

  • recognise the academic culture and expectations of postgraduate study
  • develop your group work and oral presentation skills
  • develop skills to find quality resources
  • develop effective reading, note-taking and critical thinking strategies
  • identify and develop academic writing skills
  • develop effective exam preparation and performance skills.

You can self enrol in the MARS moodle site at the start of semester.  More details will be available at your Monash Business School Orientation.

Q Manual

The purpose of the Q (Quality) Manual is to provide new students with practical and easily accessible information regarding university-level study. Commencing Monash Business School students receive the Business and Economics Q Manual at our Orientation program. You can also download the Q Manual as a pdf.