Facilities and infrastructure

Monash Business School researchers are among the leaders in their field, both nationally and internationally. One of the ways in which we support our researcher staff and students is by providing state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities.

Among these are:

  • Monash Business Behavioural Lab: our Behavioural Lab is an innovative facility for consumer and practitioner research. It is spearheading the development of judgement and decision-making research conducted by our academic staff and research students.
  • Monash Laboratory for Experimental Economics (MonLEE): MonLEE contributes to the shaping of policy making and to advance the science of economics across the globe. It helps economists test their hypotheses, identify the forces that enhance innovation, cooperation, and productivity.
  • Simulated Teaching and Research Laboratory (STARLab): the STARLab complements classroom teaching by simulating a financial environment in which textbook concepts are brought to life.