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Queer Mentoring - become a mentor


The Queer Mentoring Program is an employability-focused program for LGBTIQ Monash students preparing to enter the workforce.

If you are a leader in your profession who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer (LGBTIQ), and are interested in sharing your experience with Monash LGBTIQ students, we invite you to become a Queer Mentor.


We are seeking mentors across all disciplines and industries.  As a Queer Mentor, you will:

  • contribute to the career future of LGBTIQ students and support the LGBTIQ community
  • provide insight to navigating sexuality or gender identity at work, based on your experience
  • provide support to students in their career planning and decision-making
  • gain exposure for your organisation to Monash students as prospective future employees
  • develop and enhance your skills in coaching and mentoring.

We are seeking mentors who openly and comfortably identify as LGBTIQ and who have at least five years professional experience in a supervisory, management or leadership role.

Time commitment

The program runs for six months, with a minimum time input from mentors of one hour per month.  New mentors will be required to attend a two hour orientation session in a city location.


To become a Queer Mentor, you need to identify as LGBTIQ and be:

  • an industry and community professional with at least five years' experience
  • preferably in a supervisory, management or leadership role
  • open and comfortable with your sexuality and a positive role model
  • willing to share your expertise and experience
  • committed to investing time into the mentoring relationship
  • able to provide constructive and honest feedback.

Register as a mentor

To register, please complete the online form

Contact for enquiries

For more information about the program, email

Monash University is committed to supporting a diverse community and is a member of Pride in Diversity and has an active Ally program.

If you're a Monash student and seeking a mentor for this program, see the student mentees page.