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Academic record (transcript)


An academic record is a formal transcript of your academic history at the University. You will get a free transcript when you graduate.

Your record includes all unit attempts and your grade for each unit. If you were enrolled in more than one course, it lists all courses and all units studied at Monash.

There are two types of academic record - unofficial and official. To access these, login to the Web Enrolment System (WES). If you're encumbered, you won't have access to your academic record.

Unofficial record

You can access your past results and download an unofficial record anytime, in WES.

Official record

Use WES to order and pay for an official academic record to be sent by mail. For the current price, see miscellaneous fees.

Past students
You can buy an official record using WES (login) past students. If you attended or completed your course before 1997, allow 10-15 working days for delivery.

In person, same day

Current and past students can also buy an official record and collect it on the same day by visiting Monash Connect on campus.

Contents of an academic record

Common uses

Your academic record confirms your progress or your final qualification (when complete). You can use it to:

  • apply for jobs
  • support applications for scholarships or further study
  • register with government or private bodies.

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