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Staff ID cards

Staff ID cards



M-Pass is your new Monash ID card. More than just an ID card, your M-Pass will be linked to an online account, which you'll be able to use for a range of goods and services on campus.

Initially, this will only apply to staff in relation to late fees and fines from the Library, which is now cash-free. We'll keep you updated as new goods and services become available in 2017.

What do I need to do?

Library users

The Library is now cash-free, so if you have any fees or fines from the Library, you’ll need to add credit to your M-Pass account to pay for these.

Building access changes

You'll need your current ID card to access secure buildings and areas on campus until we've finished updating the door readers. We'll let you know when you no longer need your old card and what to do with it.

The door reader reprogramming has commenced and we're working our way through all campuses. See the detailed building list for dates on your campus - we'll keep updating this plan as we go.

If you haven't received your M-Pass
You'll start to see signs near the doors we're about to update, to give you warning about when the readers are updated. Once updated, the door readers will no longer read your old ID card. If you see signs go up on your building and you haven't yet received your M-Pass in the mail, please contact Monash Connect through the M-Pass online enquiry form or visit Monash Connect on your campus.

New print service

If you're using the new print service you can use either your current ID or your M-Pass to collect your printing and photocopying. Eventually, your M-Pass will completely replace your current card.

Transition period

There'll be a transition period, where you'll need to carry two ID cards:

  • your current black/white ID card is for building access (until we update all door readers)
  • either ID card can be used for printing (if you're using the new print system)

Information and enquiries

How to get an ID card

New staff

Paid staff members can get an M-Pass staff ID card by visiting Monash Connect.

Unpaid staff members need to submit a request for staff ID (pdf 300kb). Once you receive your staff number, visit Monash Connect to collect your ID card (and bring some photo ID). You don't need an appointment.

If you're unable to visit Monash Connect, you can request a staff ID card through The Connect team will guide you through the process of providing a photo and identification so they can send your card to your regional location or postal address.

Replacement cards

Lost, damaged or stolen cards

If you have lost or damaged your ID card, you can get a replacement card from Monash Connect. You will need to bring photo ID, such as a driver's licence or passport.

If your card is stolen, we'll replace it for free if you provide a police report. Make sure you also report the loss to the University as soon as possible.

Report a lost or stolen card

To report a lost or stolen card, please complete the M-Pass enquiry form.

Expired cards

If your ID card has expired, contact Monash Connect for a free replacement.

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