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Monash Foodies competition


10 March 2017

Extended opening hours competition

Major prize: $100 Good Food voucher

Secondary prizes: Five x $20 vouchers (winners can choose from Supernatural, Optus, Roll'd, GYG, Sumo Salad, Secret Garden Eatery, Schnitz, Grafali)

Selection of winners

At the end of the competition, posts from all participants will be pooled and five participants will be randomly drawn from the pool to win one of five $20 vouchers on campus.

One participant from the remaining pool of entries which have not won a prize, will be randomly drawn to win the main prize - a $100 Good Food voucher.

Announcement of winners

The six winners will be notified through their Instagram account, with instructions on how to collect their prizes by Wednesday 12 April. Their posts will also be regrammed on @Monash_Foodies Instagram, announcing them as winners.

Due to the high quality of entries, we’ve awarded secondary prizes to nine entrants as well as the overall winner.

Major prize winner

Secret Garden food  The fact that @secretgardeneatery opens from 6am to 10pm on weekdays makes it perfect for me to get brunch before tuts/lectures and ALSO dinner after the school day's over 😏and they're even open on weekends (clayton campus residents - it's your new hangout spot! 😻) #monashfoodies @monash_foodies || Secret Garden Eatery, Melbourne #AlmondsAussieAdventures

Secondary prize winners

  Having places to go to when you can’t be stuffed to cook in the last minute living on res🀀 #monashfoodies @monash_foodies
  Extended opening hours & cheap, high quality food = happiness :) #monashfoodies #unilife #wholefoods
  Having a #fix for my #weekend #saturdaymorning #coffee need on #campus at @grafaliscoffeeroasters @monash_uni #claytoncampus #hazelnutlatte #bananabread so happy to have so many options open late and on weekend #oncampus means I don't have to worry about #commuting anywhere and saves me time #monashfoodies @monash_foodies
  The only place that hit the spot for good fries! The extended hours are great for postgrad students with evening classes to grab a nice meal before heading home. Time to spread the word! @monash_foodies #monashfoodies

After a long day at work, it's burning desire to relax and have some delicious food.

#Mediterranean_salad_with_crumb_chicken_fillets #chips #schnitz @monash_foodies #monashfoodies #clayton

  That feeling when you can still get quality food after late study sessions due to the new extended trading hours! #monashfoodies
  I live for food and always looking forward to trying new food each time I go uni. The extended opening hours will help me study happily knowing that there is a variety of dinner reward waiting for me afterwards. :) #monashfoodies #couldntdecidewhichfoodphototopost #monash #foodiecompetition πŸ˜‚
  Schnitz is pretty good for a quick lunch in Campus.It opens from 10am to 9pm but is closed in Friday. So yummy and everything is fresh!😝😝😝#monashfoodies @monash_foodies
Extended opening hours means that I won't need to go hungry when I stay back late (yay)! It's great that there are a variety of food choices available at a later time. ❀ @monash_foodies #monashfoodies #monashwholefoods #foccacia #food