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Academic workshops

Reading Critically and Effectively

Reading critically for assignments and task responses.

Learning in Australian Universities

The Australian education system and learning in the university.

Writing Assignments in Education

Part 1: Planning and Structuring

An overview of central issues in planning, structuring and writing assignments; common grammatical issues in academic writing.

Part 2: APA Citation, Referencing and Paraphrasing

Introduction to the APA referencing style, different ways of using other writers’ work in your assignment without plagiarising, common referencing problems.

Writing Assignments in Education (Combined Parts 1 and 2)

For part-time and off-campus students only.

Visual Assignment Modes

Visual assignment modes, including individual and group presentations, posters and portfolios.

Minor thesis workshops

For Masters coursework/Honours students doing their thesis in this semester.

Developing your Minor Thesis

This session discusses all the basics of writing your minor thesis by breaking it down into multiple chapters each performing specific functions.

Formatting, Referencing & Citation

This session is not a workshop on the basics of citation and referencing. This Q&A-based session addresses tricky references within the APA style, as well as how we can use MS Word's built-in formatting and styles to produce consistent output.

Refining your Aims and Research Questions

How are aims, objectives and research questions related? What are the three types of research? This session discusses these topics and helps you fine-tune your research questions.

Constructing your Literature Review

This session shows how you can construct your epistemology and theoretical framework in a way that allows to explain data and answer your research questions.

Who to contact?

For further information about any of our academic support services, please contact our Academic Language and Literacy Development Advisers.