Postgraduate courses

We offer three types of postgraduate courses: professional entry graduate courses that assist you to step into a new field and qualify to practice, expert graduate courses that advance your knowledge and practice in a particular field or specialist area, and research courses that enable you to develop your skills to investigate  and inquire into the key educational issues of our time.

Professional entry graduate courses and expert graduate courses are explained below, while the Research courses are explained elsewhere on the website.

Professional entry graduate courses

  • Master of Teaching
    Suited to applicants who have a bachelor's degree in any discipline and are seeking a teaching qualification. You can choose to specialise in early years, primary or secondary education - or a combination of these. Our innovative curriculum combines theory and professional experience, providing you with the knowledge, skills and professional values to become an effective educator.

  • Master of Counselling
    The Master of Counselling at Monash provides a professional qualification and offers a combination of theory and professional experience. It provides you with the knowledge and skills to begin a rewarding career as a counsellor. Graduates work in a variety of fields, including careers counselling, education, child and family services, child protection services, health policy, family counselling, health-services management and rehabilitation counselling.

  • Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology
    The Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology is an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited fourth-year qualification in psychology. The course is suited for people who have completed a bachelor's degree with a major in psychology from any course accredited by APAC, and who want to pursue advanced postgraduate study in psychology at master's or doctoral level, or alternatively to undertake supervised psychological practice.

  • Master of Professional Psychology
    The Master of Professional Psychology is a one year course that prepares psychology graduates in advanced psychotherapeutic skills required for general registration as a psychologist. On completion of the course, graduates will have acquired the necessary skills to prepare for a final year of supervised practice in the field for general registration under the '5+1 internship model' for registration.

  • Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology
    The Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology is an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited fifth and sixth-year sequence in psychology and prepares graduates to practise as educational and developmental psychologists in settings including schools, health and welfare services, care facilities, and within business environments.

Expert graduate courses

Our expert courses offer a fully online offering as well as a face-to-face component which students can choose to attend. Our courses range in duration from six months to two years and offer different points of entry and exit to suit varying academic and professional backgrounds and prior qualifications and work experience.

  • Graduate Certificate of Education Studies
    This course is designed to orient students to the field of education at a postgraduate level. It is suited to students who have a first qualification in a discipline other than education. It is also a pathway for students who do not yet meet the entry requirements for the Master of Education.

  • Graduate Certificate of Educational Research
    This course orients learners to education research and provides them with an understanding of research approaches. Students who complete the course to a high standard are well placed to commence a PhD or a Masters by Research course in the field of education.

  • Graduate Certificate of STEM Education
    This course is designed for educators who wish to practise or extend their capacity as a STEM educator. It will build your capacity to lead and support quality STEM education and inspire your students' engagement with STEM disciplines.
  • Master of Education
    This course addresses the professional learning needs of educators, educational administrators, managers, policy makers and others interested or involved in learning and education in the wider
    community. You can choose to build your research knowledge and extend your expertise in one of the following specialisations - Adult Learning, Digital Learning, Early Childhood Education, Educational Leadership and Policy, Expert Teaching Practice, General Education Studies and Inclusive and Special Education.

  • Master of Leadership
    Whether your work is in industry, the public or community sectors, or in formal education settings, if you aspire to take the next step in your career, then this course is for you. You can choose to build your research knowledge and extend your expertise in one of the following specialisations - Curriculum and Pedagogy, General Leadership Studies, Organisational Learning and Principal Preparation.

  • Master of TESOL
    This course is suitable for a wide range of professionals, educators or prospective educators working in English language teaching in international or local contexts, and leads to a postgraduate
    qualification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Research courses

See Research courses for course information, pathways, scholarships and application details.