Bachelor of Education (Honours)

Our Bachelor of Education (Honours) provides you with the skills you need to become a leading teacher. You will complete professional experience as part of your course, so you’re job ready when you graduate.

Areas of specialisation

You choose where you want to specialise in your four-year course:

Honours puts you ahead

The honours component is embedded into our four-year course, meaning you’ll graduate with the honours qualification (in the same amount of time) to put you at the front of the pack as a graduate teacher.

Having this additional qualification would allow you to come back and study for a fifth year in the future and qualify with an advanced Master’s degree. So, you start off in front and stay there with more opportunities for your career.

Make it a double degree

You can pair our Primary Education and Secondary Education specialisations with another course and walk away with two degrees in four years.

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Education is always studied as a double degree, with the partner degree providing the specialist discipline knowledge for the areas in which you will qualify to teach.

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary Education can be studied as a single or a double degree.

You can combine your Bachelor of Education (Honours) with:

  • Arts - can teach drama, English, geography, history, psychology, SOSE
  • Business - can teach business management, accounting, legal studies
  • Commerce - can teach accounting, business management, economics, legal studies
  • Fine Art/ Visual Art - can teach media, visual arts
  • Information Technology - can teach ICT, maths
  • Music - can teach music
  • Science - can teach biology, ICT, chemistry, general science, geography, maths, physics, psychology

Professional experience

All our student teachers complete a minimum of 80 days of supervised professional experience in real educational settings, such as kindergartens, schools, or learning centres. We offer teacher placements in Australia and overseas.

Read more about Teacher placements.

Fostering understanding of Indigenous issues

We are committed to building respectful and equal partnerships with Indigenous communities. We do this by:

  • encouraging and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to become teachers, researchers and leaders in education systems
  • partnering with schools and communities to develop high quality opportunities for Indigenous children and young adults
  • informing non-Indigenous students and staff about Indigenous issues in education
  • offering a range of scholarships to support and encourage Indigenous Australians pursuing education studies.

Accreditation and recognition

All our courses comply with industry regulations and are accredited by the relevant bodies.

Our Primary and Secondary teaching specialisations are accredited by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), the statutory authority that regulates and promotes the teaching profession in Victoria.

Our Early Years specialisations are accredited by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), which qualifies you to work as a teacher in licensed pre-schools and childcare centres in Victoria.

Students planning to register as teachers interstate or overseas should check registration requirements with local authorities in case additional requirements apply.

Do not meet entry requirements?

See Alternative pathways available to you.