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Research degrees


Develop the knowledge and skills to conduct professional research in education including evidence-based and reflective practice, policy-oriented, and more theoretically-oriented research.

Research degrees offered by the Faculty

Master of Education by research

If you have an interest in research, but have not completed a major research project and would like to eventually progress to doctoral studies in education - these courses are for you.

  • 3204 Master of Education - coursework/thesis
    Explore the relationship between research and practice, encouraging you to analyse issues of interest to you.

  • 0077 Master of Education - thesis only
    Develop and implement a major research project on a topic of personal interest, aiming at contributing to teaching practice. During this program you will conduct a study that is substantial but smaller in scope than a PhD.

Master of Psychology/PhD double degrees

Doctor of Philosophy

  • 0079 Doctor of Philosophy
    The PhD is a supervised program that allows students to conceptualise and implement a major research project on a topic of personal interest. Your research will aim to improve teaching practice and      extend your expertise and skills relating to pressing educational issues.


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