What staff and students say about MERC

John Loughran

"The Faculty recognises and values the unique role MERC plays in supporting our HDR students and we are proud of the contribution it makes to our research community."

Professor John Loughran, The Dean

Joanne Deppler

"The Faculty of Education has a vibrant research culture supported by our own academics and visiting scholars, and very importantly, by our diverse community of research students. We recognise the value our students bring in fostering our research strengths, and are pleased that through MERC, they have the worthy support of their peers in their educational journey.

The supportive network and friendly community engendered by MERC helps to ensure that our students’ experience is positive and fulfilling both academically and personally."

Associate Professor Joanne Deppeler

Scott Bulfin

"My involvement with MERC, as an active member and as a convener, was very important to me during my time as a student in the Faculty of Education.

Through this involvement, I made some lasting friendships, worked with some fantastic and committed academics and students and learned again the vital importance of collegiality for successful professional and academic work.

My journey has been the richer and much more interesting because of my engagement with the Monash Education Research Community."

Dr Scott Bulfin, Lecturer

Ilana Snyder

"MERC has made an invaluable contribution to the Faculty’s vibrant research culture. Since its inception two decades ago, MERC has provided an intellectual home for the Faculty of Education’s large cohort of research students. MERC offers formal activities to build students’ research skills and enjoyable social events that allow members to forge friendships lasting well beyond the length of the degree. So successful is MERC’s educational and cultural program that the Faculty of Education is renowned within Monash University for the ways in which it engages its research students.

Congratulations to all the members of MERC, past and present, who have made the organisation such an important component of the Faculty of Education over the past 20 years."

Professor Ilana Snyder