Course transfer

The information on this page relates to course transfer in 2017.

The University has formal policies and procedures to ensure a consistent approach to the selection of course transfer applicants across the ten faculties and between course transfer applicants and applicants entering courses via other pathways. This process is managed within the framework of the University internal transfer policy and procedures.

Eligibility for course transfer

To be eligible for a course transfer, you must meet all of the following:

  • be a current student who will be continuing their program of study (in other words, you have not completed your current degree).
  • completed a minimum of 12 credit points of study at Monash - in general, the Faculty of Engineering requires successful completion of two semesters of full-time study (48 credit points).
  • meet the VCE, IB or equivalent prerequisites for the course to which you wish to transfer. Prerequisites for engineering programs are listed on Study at Monash.

Selection for course transfer is a competitive process that takes into account the number of places available, academic achievement and the strength of the applicant pool. As these factors may vary from year to year, the level of performance required to be offered a course transfer into an engineering program may also vary. Detailed below is a table of the minimum weighted averages required to be considered for an offer into the relevant program. These averages should be used as a guide only as a higher standard may be required in any year. Students who do not meet the minimum averages will not be considered for admission.

Course Average required for CSP place
Double degree with Biomedical Science >= 70.00%
Double degree with Commerce >= 65.00%
Double degree with Commerce Specialist >= 65.00%
All other engineering courses >= 60.00%

Double degrees

Nearly all applications for course transfer into engineering double degree programs are submitted to the Faculty of Engineering except for the program offered with the Faculty of Law. As engineering does not select for this double degree, applications should be submitted to the Faculty of Law as the partner faculty's selection criteria and application process applies.

Applying to transfer into: Submit your application to:
All engineering single degrees Engineering
Double degrees with Architectural or Industrial design Engineering
Double degrees with Arts Engineering
Double degree with Biomedical science Engineering
Double degrees with Commerce Engineering
Double degrees with Law Law
Double degree with Pharmaceutical science Engineering
Double degrees with Science Engineering

Students wishing to exit their double-degree program and graduate with a single engineering degree, prior to having completed all the requirements for the double degree, will have to revert to single engineering degree candidature and complete all core and elective units and the requisite 192 credit points in order to satisfy the academic requirements for completion of that degree.

Contact the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture as soon as possible for information on pre-selection activities after submission of your internal transfer application.

How to apply for programs managed by engineering

Complete the online internal course transfer form for students already studying in Australia. Sunway students on exchange should complete the online Sunway transfer form.

When you apply for course transfer you must continue with the requirements of your current degree until an offer of transfer is made - this includes enrolling in units for your current degree during the re-enrolment period.

Deadlines for submission of applications

Please refer to the closing dates for student forms for submission deadlines. The Faculty of Engineering will not accept late applications.

Course transfer for Sunway students

If you are a mechatronics student who commenced your course at mid-year on the Sunway campus please bear in mind that if you are opting to transfer to Clayton campus you will experience sequencing issues with the timetabling of mechatronics units.

Due to this issue, the Faculty of Engineering at Clayton campus does not allow midyear intake to the Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering for any other student cohort.

Please note: If you are a mechatronics student who commenced in a semester one intake at Sunway campus there are no sequencing issues so the above does not apply.

Current scholarship recipients

Students on a scholarship should check with the body administering the scholarship to determine whether the scholarship is transferable if they are offered a place in another program.

Credit transfer

You may be eligible for credit transfer for previous studies that match the relevant engineering units in the course you wish to transfer into. Credit transfer will be assessed as a part of the course transfer application process therefore details must be provided on the online application form where requested. Check handbook entries to match the content of units to be undertaken against units already completed.

Notification of the outcome of your application

Students will be notified of the outcome of their application via email sent to their Monash email account. Applicants applying for transfers into semester 1, 2016 were advised in late December, before the University closed for the year. Mid-year applicants will be advised following the release of semester one results in mid-July. Successful applicants will also be provided with information on how to enrol.

Successful applicants will be made an offer into relevant 2015 course offerings or 2016 course versions depending on the amount of credit transfer granted.