Semester 1, 2017 Graduate Student Academic Support Program

For more information, please contact Jane Moodie (Email: jane.moodie@monash.edu; Ph: 9905 5488) or Lilian Khaw (Email:lilian.khaw@monash.edu; Ph: 9905 9987).

Month Courses, Seminars and Workshops

7 March – 4 April
10am – 11.30am
Room 132/14
Alliance Lane

Tuesday Seminar Program

5 seminars for all new graduate research students

7 March – Writing a literature review
What is the best way to write an effective review? We focus on how you can write a good review.

14 March – Presenting your work in seminars
What makes a memorable presentation?  We look at ways of making your research presentations stand out.

21 March – Publishing your work in research papers
What do you need to do to get a paper published? We examine how to write successful conference and journal papers.

28 March – Designing winning posters
How do you devise and present a prize-winning poster? We examine the content and form of great poster presentations.

4 April – Devising effective slides for your presentations
What are the features of good slides? We examine principles for devising slides that get your message across.

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Monday March 6
11am – 1pm
Room 133/14
Alliance Lane

Pronunciation Workshop

For students for whom English is an additional language

Introduction to English pronunciation for seminar presentations

How can you improve your pronunciation? In this workshop we examine strategies for developing your English pronunciation and improving the clarity of your spoken English for research presentations.

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March 20 – April 10
11am – 12.30pm
Room 132/14
Alliance Lane

Short speaking course: Talk about Research

For students for whom English is an additional language

1.5hrs x 4 weeks

This course will help participants develop their ability to discuss and present their research, particularly in a conference or confirmation presentation. Participants will discuss and present their views on a range of research topics from research papers, video presentations and presentations by participants.

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March, May, June

Short writing courses: 2hrs x 4 weeks

For all graduate research students

These writing courses are for students who are currently writing a literature review, confirmation report or research paper. In class, teaching on different aspects of writing a review, report or paper will be presented, and participants will receive feedback on the language, flow and clarity of argument in their own writing.

Course 1: Writing a research paper
Wednesday 12pm - 2pm
March 15 – April 5
Room 132  /14 Alliance Lane

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Course 2: Writing a literature review
Mondays 11am - 1pm
May 1 – May 22
Room 133/ 14 Alliance Lane

Course 3: Writing your confirmation report
Wednesday & Thursday 12pm-2pm (2 weeks)
June 7,8, 14 &15
Room 210/14 Alliance Lane

Wednesdays & Thursdays
June 28 – July 13
1pm 3pm
Room 210/14
Alliance Lane

Writing Course: Developing Fundamental Research Writing Skills

2 hrs x 2 classes / 3 weeks

For students for whom English is an additional language
Participants will learn the fundamental concepts underpinning research writing and will also be guided to improve cohesion and coherence in their writing through class exercises and writing tasks.

Monday - Friday
July 17 – 21
11am – 12.30pm
Room to be advised

Intensive Writing Course: Grammar for editing your research writing

For students for whom English is an additional language

1.5 hrs x 5 days

In the course you will learn how to identify and then correct typical grammatical problems that occur in Engineering research writing using sample drafts of sections of research papers and reports written by previous research students.