Administrative transition

Not only does University differ academically from high school, it also differs in that you are in charge of your own learning and study. The Faculty of Engineering has set of strict administrative protocols that need to be adhered in order to ensure you will be qualified to graduate at the end of your course.

Below is a list of some of the more common issues faced by students:

  • Fees: Your fees will depend upon whether or not you have received a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in your course. However, if you do have a CSP place, you may also need to pay a Student Amenities Fee. For important information and to see what the Student Amenities Fee covers, visit the Monash website.
  • Enrolment: Enrolment needs to be completed for every year of your Bachelor, and you will be in charge of re-enrolling into your course.
  • Subjects: Courses within the Engineering Faculty are quite rigidly structured, however as you advance you may be expected to choose your own electives.
  • General: You may find yourself wishing to change a unit, to defer your course or to apply for special consideration for an exam. All of these require specific administrative processes that need to be carried out through the correct channels.

And here are some tips on how to overcome these issues

  • If you are confused or stressed, visit the Faculty Office (Ground Floor, 14 Alliance Lane). They will be happy to answer your questions, or at least direct you to someone who can. You can also make an appointment with the First Year Course Advisor if you would to discuss a specific issue in depth.
  • Check your email regularly. If the Faculty is missing some vital piece of information from you, they are likely to contact you via email. But this doesn't mean you should just wait until someone emails you asking for a form! You can also keep up to date by checking the Monash website regularly, and if you're unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to ask.