Adjunct staff

  • Professor Riadh Al-Mahaidi

    Professor Riadh Al-Mahaidi

    Adjunct Professor, Swinburne University of Technology
    Research Interests:
    Strengthening of steel structures using CFRP laminates., Torsion-shear strength of concrete box girders strengthened with FRP laminates, Advanced numerical simulation of failure mechanisms of FRP laminated concrete members, Structural health monitoring of concrete bridges using fibre optic sensors, Development of efficient anchorage systems for FRP retrofitting of concrete structures, Durability of CFRP retrofitting systems in harsh environments, Enhancing fatigue life of steel structures using CFRP composites, Investigation of the suitability of adhesives modified with nano-additives for CFRP structural retrofitting in harsh environment, Characteristics of normal and high modulus CFRP bonded to steel members
  • Dr Laurence Aldridge

    Dr Laurence Aldridge

    Adjunct Associate Professor (Research)
  • Dr Gary Au

    Dr Gary Au

    Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
    Research Interests:
    Dr Au's research areas include parking, agent-based modelling and simulation in transportation, transport psychology, prospect theory and decision making under risk and uncertainty.
  • Dr Solomon Cohney

    Dr Solomon Cohney

    Honorary Associate
  • Mr Omid Ejtemai Jandaghi

    Mr Omid Ejtemai Jandaghi

    Adjunct Professor (Practice)
    Research Interests:
    Heterogeneous and Distributed computing and simulation of the movement of pedestrians in a quantitatively verifiable manner. This technology enables researchers to perform virtual experiments on the design and operation of a site and assessing the impact of different levels of pedestrian demand taking into account how individuals interact with each other and with the physical obstacles in their environment.
  • Mr Chris Haberfield

    Mr Chris Haberfield

    Adjunct Research Associate
    Research Interests:
    Shallow and deep foundations, engineering performance of weak rock, geothermal energy piles, ground structure interaction, impact of pile construction techniques on performance, pressuremeter testing, landslides, ground improvement
  • Dr Robert Keller

    Dr Robert Keller

    Adjunct Research Associate
    +61 3 990 58902
    Room 116, 36, Clayton Campus
    Research Interests:
    Associate Professor Keller's main areas of expertise are: Open channel flow, flood plain hydraulics, physical and numerical modelling, sediment transport, hydraulic structures, urban hydraulics
  • Mr Richard Knight
  • Dr Tony Ladson

    Dr Tony Ladson

    Adjunct Research Associate
  • Mr Max Lee

    Mr Max Lee

    Academic Adjunct (Resources Engineering)
  • Dr Vincent Lemiale

    Dr Vincent Lemiale

    Adjunct Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Terry Liu

    Dr Terry Liu

    Research Interests:
    Transportation Network Modeling, Transportation Planning, Transit Network Assignment and Design, Road Pricing, Logistics Network Analysis, Applications of Parallel Computing in Transportation
  • Professor Masoud Motavalli

    Professor Masoud Motavalli

    Associate Professor; Head of Structural Engineering Laboratory, Empa Switzerland; Professor, University of Tehran and Lecturer ETH Zurich
    Research Interests:
    The application of advanced materials such as multi layered fibre reinforced polymers and shape memory alloys in civil engineering structures, micro and macro mechanical behaviour of these materials, rehabilitation and repair of existing structures with post-tensioned advanced materials
  • Professor Ronald Rowe

    Professor Ronald Rowe

    Adjunct Professor
    Research Interests:
    Contaminant migration through soil and rock; Landfill design; Geosynthetics (including geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geonets etc.); Reinforced embankments and walls; Tunnels in soft ground; Anchors, retaining walls and pile foundations
  • Dr Julian Seidel

    Dr Julian Seidel

    Adjunct Research Associate
    Research Interests:
    Deep foundations
  • Mr Marcello Serini

    Mr Marcello Serini

    Adjunct Research Associate
  • Professor Ahmad Shayan
  • Dr Geoffrey Taplin

    Dr Geoffrey Taplin

    Adjunct Research Associate
    Research Interests:
    Design, assessment and strengthening of bridges and structures
  • Professor Chien Wang

    Professor Chien Wang

    Adjunct Professor
    Research Interests:
    His research interests are in the areas of structural stability, vibration, optimization, plated structures and Mega-Floats. His recent grants are secured for research in the areas of very large floating structures, underground structures and carbon nanotubes.
  • Dr Xiaming Wang

    Dr Xiaming Wang

    Adjunct Professor (Research)
  • Assoc Professor Bill Wong

    Assoc Professor Bill Wong

    (Structures Engineering)
    Research Interests:
    Smart materials - Use of shape memory alloys for high temperature use. Environment effects on rehabilitated concrete structures using carbon fibre reinforced polymer., Fire engineering - Structural behaviour of structural components and structures under fire conditions, heat transfer process between fire and construction materials, analytical methods, tubular members, plate buckling at elevated temperatures., Nonlinear behaviour of structures - Geometric and material nonlinear behaviour of structures, buckling behaviour of steel structures, spreadsheet methods for nonlinear analysis, effects of foundation settlements on structures. Structural design - Plastic design method, design under fire conditions, industrial frames., Steel temperature prediction program, Steel and concrete to Eurocodes, **A steel temperature prediction program STIP-4 run by Excel following EC1 and ASCE fire curves is available for personal use. Send a request for STIP-4 to Bill Wong.
  • Emeritus Professor William Young

    Emeritus Professor William Young

    (Transport Engineering)
    +61 3 990 54949
    Room 124, 69, Clayton Campus
    Research Interests:
    Professor Young has wide-ranging interests and has researched, consulted and published widely in the land-use/transport/environment interaction, parking, engineering management and education areas. He has worked on several international research projects with teams from Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, Germany and Indonesia, and is on the editorial board of the Institute of Engineers (UK) Transport Journals. He has published over three hundred papers and co-authored four books on transportation. He has been awarded a Chartered Institute of Transport Excellence Award, Bureau of Transport and Communication Fellowship, Alexander Von Humboldt Fellowship, and Monash Postgraduate Award.