About us

In addition to our role of imparting knowledge through our undergraduate teaching programs the Department is actively engaged in creating new knowledge through its research activities. It is a large and diverse Department consisting of a large academic staff, two industry-focused research institutes,  postdoctoral research staff and a significant postgraduate student community.

Supporting these teaching and research staff is a team of technical and administrative support staff.

Through their work the Department is internationally renowned for its teaching expertise, its research output and its facilities. Some of the areas of research specialisation are:

  • Aeronautical and industrial fluid dynamics (FLAIR)
  • Aerospace, turbulence and combustion (LTRAC)
  • Composite structures (CRC for Advanced Composite Structures)
  • Maintenance technology (MTI)
  • Micro/nano solid and fluid mechanics (MNRL)
  • Railway technology (CRC for Rail Technology and IRT)
  • Robotics and mechatronics (RMRL)

Our undergraduate students undertake comprehensive studies in engineering design and in the physical and engineering sciences. The degree programs acknowledge the inter-disciplinary nature of modern engineering practice and aim to provide graduates with the ability to continue learning throughout their  professional life. The programs also recognize the global nature of the world economy and encourage an international focus by providing opportunities for students to undertake part of their course at premier engineering schools abroad.

Postgraduate students undertake a compulsory Research Practices unit early in their candidature and then participate in the Research Seminar series, culminating in their own Seminar just prior to submission of their thesis. During their candidature they are offered the opportunity to attend national  and international conferences or to undertake fieldwork overseas, undertake tutoring work in the undergraduate teaching programs of the Department and are encouraged to collaboratively publish their research work.

The Department is at the forefront of its discipline and we invite you to consider joining us as an undergraduate student, a postgraduate student or a staff member.