On completing all third year units, students should enrol in:

Aerospace students MEC4401 and MEC4402
Mechanical students MEC4401 and MEC4402
Mechatronics students TRC4000 and TRC4001

Information about project topics is provided below, further information about the subjects are available on MUSO.


Semester 1, 2017 Final Year Project Offerings

Dr Josie Carberry

Prof Sunita Chauhan

Dr Chao Chen

  1. Biomechanic Simulation of Human Gait with assistive devices
  2. Design of a cable-constrained prototype for RCM mechanism
  3. Design of an Active Laryngoscope
  4. Design of Experimental Procedures for Concentric Tube Models
  5. Development of an active Endoscope based on Concentric Tube Robot
  6. Development of Biped Robot Gait
  7. FYPs in Mechatronics

Professor Chris Davies

Professor Rhys Jones

Prof Mohan Krishnamoorthy

Dr Hoam Chung

  1. ITS University Challenge on Lane Level Detection
  2. Developing Mobile Robot Swarm Testbed
  3. Remote Lab for Systems and Control Labs
  4. Others (Please refer to PDF for more information)
  5. Farm Automation for Large-scale tomato greenhouses
  6. Instrumentation for Autonomous Self-driving car

Prof Adrian Neild

A/Prof Tuck Wah Ng

Dr Prabhakar Ranganathan

Prof Murray Rudman

  1. Novel ocean wave damping technology (Flow through a porous plate) (2 projects, each 12CP)
  2. Improving trub separation in brewing (Solid-liquid separation in the whirpool) (1 project 12CP)
  3. Mining waste disposal 1 (Turbulent flow in an open channel) (1 project 12CP)
  4. Mining waste disposal 2 (Mixing in turbulent non-Newtonian flows) (1 project 12CP)
  5. Simulation of splashing drops (1 project 12CP)
  6. Dune formation in oil and gas pipelines (Modelling solid-­‐liquid transport in fluids) (1 project 12CP)
  7. A novel reactor design (Chaos in Taylor-Couette Flow) (1 student, 12CP)
  8. A novel gas-solid contactor design (1 student, 12CP)
  9. Developing a new in-line mixer (Fluid flow in a swirl pipe) (1 student, 12CP)
  10. Experimental chaos (1 student, 12CP)
  11. Building agitation (Designing and building a chaotic mixer) (1 student, 12CP)

Prof Bijan Shirinzadeh

Prof Raman Singh

Dr Chaoyang Song

  1. Industrial robotics
    - Hyb-Ro hand for adaptive grasping
    - Machine learning for robotic grasping
  2. Wearable/medical robotics
    - Hyb-Re glove for hand rehabilitation
    - Hyb-Knee for gait augmentation
    - Colonoscopy view range expansion device
  3. Educational robotics
    - Robotic characterization of iPhone sensors
    - Tendon driven universal modular
    - Baxter-based automated item picking

Prof Julio Soria

  1. Category A: Industrial Aerodynamics Research and Development Project
  2. Category B: Fundamental Thermo-fluids Research Projects

A/Prof Wenyi Yan

Dr Jing Fu

  1. Design and automation of a modular robotic system for rapid freezing (12CP, 1/2 students)
  2. Interactive processing and visualisation of atomic imaging data (12CP, 1 student)
  3. Investigation of metallic coating on high aspect ratio geometries
  4. Rapid 3-D manufacturing of hydrogel capsules for high-throughput screening (12CP, 1 or 2 students)
  5. Virtual and physical engaging with culture heritage through reverse engineering (6 or 12CP, 1 or 2 students)

Dr Victor J. Cadarso

External Final Year Projects