The links on this page provide information on specialised research laboratory groups within the Department. Staff in these groups pool resources and expertise to work collaboratively on research projects within their areas of interest. Some individual members of staff work independently in departmental research facilities or collaborate with other groups within Monash. Other staff undertake research with local and international universities, with industry-based groups or with organisations external to Monash such as CSIRO and VPAC. Details of each staff member's research interests and their publications can be found on the Academic Staff webpage.

Mechanical engineering research involves studying mechanics including modelling, computation and experimentation. It also involves design, manufacturing as well as product development.

  DSTO Centre of Expertise in Structural Mechanics

Conducting research into structural mechanics

  Fluids Laboratory for Aeronautical and Industrial Research (FLAIR)

Conducting research into fluids and aeronautical engineering

  Institute of Railway Technology (IRT)

Conducting research into railway technology

  Laboratory for Optics, Acoustics and Mechanics (LOAM)
  Laboratory for Turbulence Research, Aerospace and Combustion (LTRAC)

Conducting research into turbulence, aerodynamics and flow control, propulsion and combustion

  Maintenance Technology Institute (MTI)

Conducting research into maintenance techniques

  Nanoscale Science and Engineering Laboratory (NSEL)
  Monash Wind Tunnel Facility

Conducting a broad range of aerodynamics testing capabilities

Complex Flows of Complex Fluids
RMRL  Robotics and Mechatronics Research Laboratory