1.4MW Wind Tunnel

  • Fans: 2 x 5m diameter variable speed fans, Total Power Output: 1.4MW
  • Speed Range: Up to 50m/s
  • Working Sections
    • Open Jet Test Section (LxWxH): 12m x 9m x 5m
    • Closed Jet Section (WxH): 4m x 5m
    • Environmental Testing (LxWxH): 40m x 12m x 4m
  • Turntable
  • Dynamometer
  • Adjustable nozzle and collector positions for varied flow conditions

450kW Wind Tunnel

  • Fan: 450kW constant speed, variable pitch axial flow fan
  • Speed Range: Up to 50m/s
  • Working Sections: 2m x 2m, 2m x 1m
  • Turntable

50kW Wind Tunnel

  • Fan: 50kW variable speed
  • Speed Range: Up to 30m/s
  • Working Section: 1m x 1m