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Institutes, centres & groups

Monash engineering supports and contributes to dozens of research groups in a wide variety of fields.

To find institutes, centres and groups related to a specific area of research, visit the "Research fields" section.

Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME), fosters and coordinates translational medtech research across Monash University faculties, partner hospitals and collaborating medical research institutions. Our clinician-led research programs focus on major clinical and health system needs, and integrate expertise from across engineering, IT, science, biomedical and clinical research to develop new devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, delivery systems and clinical tools.
Monash Infrastructure The Monash Infrastructure (MI) institute works with industry and government partners to facilitate research and education initiatives across Monash University's extensive knowledge and physical resources in infrastructure.
Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI) The Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI) is a multidisciplinary research environment that interfaces academic energy research and industry It brings together researchers from across Monash University in partnership with industry to develop solutions to global energy problems.
Monash Institute of Transport Studies (ITS) The Monash Institute of Transport Studies aims to progress transport knowledge and practice to contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of industry and the wider community. Monash ITS is within the Department of Civil Engineering.
Maintenance Technology Institute (MTI) The Maintenance Technology Institute (MTI) has achieved significant business benefits and a competitive advantage for the Mining Industry in plant and equipment performance (e.g. draglines, trucks, shovels etc). The research programs focus on achieving a step change in plant and equipment performance through continuous improvement and effective problem resolution.
Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) The Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) at Monash University is the premier track and vehicle railway research centre in Australia, and enjoys an international reputation for excellence in railway research. IRT is one of the main technology service providers to heavy haul railway operations and leading mass transit railway systems, and provides a “one-stop” technology access point for the international railway industry.
Bioresource Processing Institute of Australia (BioPRIA) The Bioresource Processing Institute of Australia (BioPRIA) is an institute engaged in creating new industries and transforming established ones through education and research. Located within the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University, BioPRIA is the offspring of the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute (APPI), which was established in 1989.