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About English Connect

  • If you want to improve and further develop your English language skills, join any of our English Connect programs. They're a fun, free way to meet and talk with other students, ask questions and share a learning experience.

    There are no assessment, exams, lectures, or books - just interactive programs delivered by specially trained students. There's no need to bring pen or paper, just a willingness to learn through participation.

    Click here to view our mission statement.

  • How to Join

    Some programs run at set times and you can just drop-in, but others require you to register. With these programs, places are limited, so check the details of the programs you're interested in.

  • Registrations

    To register for Let's Chat please click here. New Pharmacy Module 2 class at Parkville, Tuesday 3-4pm! If interested, email us at


What are you looking for?

  • English Connect Programs

    Our range of interactive English programs are a fun and free way to improve your English communication skills in the company of other like- minded students.

  • English Connect Moodle

    Access the English Connect Moodle page and take advantage of our language resources tailored for each individual’s needs. Self-enrol in our Moodle page and get full access to all our resources.

  • Face to face and online learning

    These programs allow interaction with a diverse range of domestic and international staff and students. This will improve your confidence and verbal communication skills.

  • Monash University Library

    The Library provides face to face advice on your study and writing for assignments, academic skills classes, and a range of online resources for your learning and research needs. Click here to learn more.

  • Resources for Monash staff

    Monash Staff can access resources, advice and training related to English language proficiency in CEED modules.

    To learn more about the importance of English Language Proficiency, click here.

  • Let's Chat - Testimonial

    “ get to know different cultures and people who come from different countries...have plenty of fun and make new friends. ”

    Ming Shang, China
    Master of Business

  • What's new

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