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New enrolments - WES access dates


Most direct entry students can enrol in units online, using the Web Enrolment System (WES).

Some direct entry students need to fill in a 'Course Enrolment form'. Get this from your managing faculty and have it approved by them (unless otherwise advised).

Your offer letter will provide information on how to enrol in units.

Enrolling in units online

The opening date for 2015 units for direct entry and early round is 13 October 2014 (all faculties).

To enrol online, login to the the Web Enrolment System (WES).

WES opening and closing dates for VTAC students 2015

WES will prevent entry of units until certain dates - this is usually after your course information session.


Early round

Round one

Round two

Art Design and Architecture
19-30 Jan9-13 Feb
19-30 Jan9-27 Feb
Business and Economics
19-30 Jan9-13 Feb
Education - undergraduate
19-29 Jan9-11 Feb
Education - postgraduate
16-29 Jan 27-29 Jan
19-30 Jan9-11 Feb
Information Technology
19-29 Jan9-11 Feb
19-29 Jan9-11 Feb
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences24 Nov-11 Dec19-29 Jan9 – 27 Feb
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
19-30 Jan9 – 27 Feb
19-29 Jan9-13 Feb