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Decide on your offer - step 1 of 7 - domestic students


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Congratulations and welcome to Monash University. Your first step is to decide whether to accept your offer, then complete the steps to enrol or defer. This must be done by the end of the VTAC enrolment week or as advised in your offer letter (non-VTAC), or your offer will lapse.

Accept an offer

You accept your offer by completing all the enrolment steps. You are enrolled once you have entered or confirmed your units and have received a transaction number beginning with U.

Get started with Step 2: Create your computer account.

Accept a later offer

To take up a later or supplementary offer in a different course, you must discontinue the course you are enrolled in. Use WES or submit a course discontinuation form (pdf 42kb). You must do this before the census date or you will be charged for both courses.

Apply to defer

When deferring your offer, you are guaranteed your place but are choosing to delay starting your course. The University allows you to defer most courses for up to 12 months. In special cases, you can apply to extend this to 24 months. You must defer your offer by the enrolment date in your offer letter.

Defer online:

  • create a Monash computer account (see Step 2)
  • login to the enrolment system (you must create your Monash account first)
  • click Apply for course deferment
  • check your details and eligibility for deferment and choose your Deferment return date
  • keep your confirmation of deferment.

Or post a deferment application (pdf 72kb) to your faculty office before your enrolment date.

What happens next?

See more information about deferring your offer.

Reject an offer

No action is required - your offer will lapse after the enrolment deadline.

Next step

If accepting or deferring your offer, go to Step 2: Create your computer account