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Enrol in units - step 5 of 7 - international students


On enrolment day, staff will help you to enrol in units. You will either:

  • submit a Course Enrolment form, which is approved and entered by your faculty, or
  • enter units in WES once your faculty has enrolled you in a unit.

At the start of the year, you must enrol in units for both semesters one and two.
For mid-year enrolment, enrol in units for semester two only.

You will need to record the transaction numbers generated by the system to collect your student ID card. Print and use the enrolment checklist (pdf 30kb)

Enrolling in units using WES

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On the WES main menu, click Enrol/Re-enrol (Enrolment Questionnaire...) Use your Monash account username and password (see step 2) WES main menu

WES main menu

Unit Enrolment link is not available (read-only mode)

On the Enrolment Summary screen, click Unit Enrolment if it is active

Your faculty will help you to enrol in units on enrolment day. Unit Enrolment may be in read-only mode until then.

Once your faculty has enrolled you in a unit, the Unit Enrolment link will be active

Unit enrolment not available

WES unit enrolment summary screen

Enrolment summary screen

WES unit enrolment summary screen

Read the Unit Enrolment form

Click Enrol to accept UNCONFIRMED units

Your faculty will have enrolled you in at least one unit

If your faculty has entered some or all units for you, they will appear on the form with a status of UNCOMFIRMED. 

You may still need to add elective units

Unit enrolment form

WES unit enrolment form screen

Faculty has selected units

WES enrolment form screen
Click To Add Units Click here

Search for and select units

You can search for units by:

  • unit code
  • title
  • or by using advanced search)
Unit enrolment

WES unit enrolment screen


WES search screen
If you get more than one result, select the unit you want and click Add selected unit(s) to enrolment form
Search results

WES search results screen
Seclect the smester and campus and click Accept If the unit is offered over multiple campuses and semesters, you will need to select one from the list Semester and campus

WES unit selection screen
Click To Add Units Click here and repeat these steps until you have all hte units for the year Your enrolment is not complete until you submit your enrolment and receive a tranaction number Repeat to add more units

WES unit selection screen
Check that you have enrolled in the correct number of credit points for the year before submitting your enrolment

Your enrolled units must add up to 48 credit point (24 per semester) unless you have faculty approval.

The system will prevent you from saving and submitting your enrolment until you enter the required number of credit points

Contact your faculty if you have been approved to study less than 48 credit points and the system is preventing you from submitting your enrolment

Credit point error

WES unit enrolemnt screen
Click SUBMIT ENROLMENT If you don't submit, you can't finish enrolling Submit

WES submit screen
If you have a prerequisite or corequisite error, click Change or Remove in the action column WES has rules to stop access to some units. If you require help, contact your faculty Prerequisite error

WES prerequisite error screen

Corequisite error

WES corequisite error screen
Print your transaction number (begins with U) You must show this number to pick up your student ID card

WES emails transaction numbers to your Monash account
Enrolment transaction number

WES unit transaction screen

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