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WES instructions for research students


The Web Enrolment System (WES) allows you to manage your enrolment. You can use WES to:

  • enrol and re-enrol
  • request SA-HELP loans (if eligible)
  • view your candidature summary
  • view fee and scholarship information
  • access exam timetables and results
  • order and purchase academic records and student letters.

To enrol or re-enrol, follow the instructions below.

Instructions Details Screenshots
(click to enlarge)
Login to WES using your Monash student account username and password For password or login problems, contact the service desk

Tip: Hold Shift while clicking the link to open WES in a new window

WES login screen
Click Enrol / Re-enrol Enrolment Questionnaire....) The enrolment summary screen displays WES main menu

WES main menu screen
Contact details

Work through the first section to ensure your contact details are up to date.

To view or changes, click on the links

We post all mail to this address so it must be correct

If you are on a scholarship, see change of name or address
Enrolment summary

WES enrolment summary screen
Enrolment Questionnaire

When you enrol for the first time you must complete this before the system allows you to move on to the next step

When re-enrolling, you don't need to repeat the questionnaire

Enrolment questionnaire

WES enrolment questionnaire screen
Candidature enrolment summary
Click Enrolment To enrol or re-enrol, click this link to view your candidature enrolment summary Enrol or re-enrol

WES enrolment summary screen
Click Faculty and Course

Check your requirements before enrolling or re-enrolling

Check your thesis submission date and contact Monash Graduate Education or your faculty if you need to extend
Candidature & course

WES candidature screen
To add coursework units, click the email link If your research percentage is less than 100%, you have a coursework component

Email your faculty the units (name and code) you wish to enrol in. They will enter any approved units

WES candidature screen
Click I would like to re-enrol into my research for ... The re-enrolment button appears only during the re-enrolment period Re-enrolment

WES candidature screen
Print your Transaction Number (begins with U)

WES emails transaction numbers to your Monash account.

When enrolling for the first time, you must show this number to pick up your student ID card

Successful submission

WES successful submission screen
View your enrolment summary
Click Candidature

Information on your enrolment summary includes your:

  • thesis submission date
  • thesis title and status
  • supervisors
  • milestones (planned and achieved)
current scholarship and sponsorship details
Candidature link

WES candidature link

Candidature summary

WES candidature summary screen
On the Enrolment summary screen, click SA-HELP Applying for SA-HELP is optional. Only domestic students are eligible to apply

The SA-HELP link will not be active unless you are eligible and you have enrolled in units

SA-HELP screen
Read the SA-HELP booklet (pdf 489kb) For more help see:  
Submit the SA-HELP form To defer payment you must provide your tax file number  
Print your Transaction Number
(begins with SA)
WES emails transaction numbers to your Monash account SA-HELP transaction number

SA-HELP transaction number

Read-only access

Instructions Details Screenshots
(click to enlarge)
Before enrolling

You will have read-only access if you:

  • have not completed the Questionnaire when you enrol for the first time
  • do not have any research units to enrol in
  • have submitted your thesis
  • are due to submit your thesis this year
For help, contact your faculty or Monash Graduate Education
Read-only access - before

WES read only access screen
After enrolling The Enrolment summary screen displays:

Enrolment (Read only)
Re-enrolment complete/No research to enrol in
Read-only access - after

WES read only access screen

WES timeout

WES will timeout if you don't use it for 20 minutes. The inactivity timeout helps prevent someone else accessing your account while unattended. Remember to logout.

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