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Transport and parking


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Public transport is a popular choice for many students-it's cheap, environmentally friendly and saves you the stress of driving (maybe in peak hour traffic) and from the hassles of finding a car park (which can be quite difficult especially at the beginning of each semester, even if you have a permit). Apart from that there is a high cost in running a car. As well as petrol costs, just keeping up with the maintenance, insurance and registration can put you in a real financial hole.

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Travel concessions

You may be eligible for a Victorian Public Transport Concession Card. More information and eligibility criteria can be found at Public Transport Concession Card.

Apply for a concession card at Student Services on Clayton, Caulfield and Peninsula campuses, at Student Administration on Gippsland campus, Reception on the ground floor at Berwick and the Registrar's Office on Parkville campus or online via the Web Enrolment System (WES) system.

International Youth and Travel Cards (entitling you to many concessions overseas and in Australia) are available from STA Travel branch. Contact the Clayton STA office on 9905 3128. These cards can be authorised at Student Services.

Advice is available on all travel needs including routine vaccinations from the Health Service on each campus.

Intercampus shuttle bus

The University provides intercampus shuttle buses between Clayton and the Peninsula, Berwick and Caulfield campuses for staff and students to use to access their secondary campus for study and teaching.  The buses are free.

The shuttle buses are first in, best dressed.  No exceptions are made; once the buses are at capacity they cannot take any more passengers.

Your student ID must be presented upon request.

Where do I park?

If you travel to uni by car, the cost, apart from keeping it on the road, is significant. On top of the usual car costs, you will have to buy a parking permit on most campuses, or buy a daily parking permit, so make sure you can afford the upkeep before you commit yourself. Do your homework on costs.

Parking is available on campus for staff and students based on a permit system. See the Parking Permits website for costs and more information on dates when you can buy permits.

Campus parking information

Car pooling

Monash University has an effective car pooling service. If you are finding it hard to get to uni, or if you would rather leave your car at home, or if you want to make better use of your car and share fuel costs, then register with Monash Rideshare.


Bike riding is a healthy and environmentally friendly way of getting to uni and getting around campus. You will need to make sure you invest in a good bike lock, safety clothing and helmet. If you plan to ride your bike at night you will also need lights – think safety first!

There are bike hoops (racks) around each campus so make sure you are familiar with where they are.

Clayton campus has a bike arrival station which features secure and weather protected bicycle parking spaces as well as showers and adjacent private change areas, lockers that have adequate space to hang business attire, toilet facilities and a drinking fountain. There is also a DIY bike repair bay. Register at Bike Arrival Registration.

The Unicycle program is a bike share program operating around Clayton campus. To register, or find out more information contact the Sustainable Transport Officer on 99059321.

For more information about cycling visit the cycling page.