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Alternative assessment arrangements


If you have a disability or medical condition, it may be possible to sit your exams under alternative or special conditions. Common alternative arrangements include:

  • extra time
  • special venue
  • specialised technical equipment or furniture.


To be eligible to sit your exam under alternative conditions you must register with Disability Support Services. They will assess your situation and make recommendations to Examination Services. The assessment can take some time so it's important you register as early as possible.

If we have granted you alternative assessment arrangements, you can still apply for special consideration if appropriate.

Alternative arrangements

Extra time

If we grant you extra time:

  • we will advise you 1-2 weeks before the start of the exam period
  • you will most likely not need to sit at a separate venue.

Special venue

If Disability Support Services consider it necessary for you to sit at a special venue, we will advise you of this also.

If your exams are held at a non-Monash venue, we cannot guarantee the conditions and arrangements will be the same as sitting at a Monash venue. While all attempts are made to provide a similar experience, some environmental and other factors may be beyond our control.

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