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Deferred exams and final assessment


If your application for special consideration is successful, you may be granted a deferred exam or alternative assessment task.

A deferred exam is an exam postponed to a later date. These are held during the official deferred exam period, unless your faculty emails your Monash account with an alternative time, giving five University working days' notice.

If you are granted a deferred exam, your unit grade will be DEF (deferred exam) in the Web Enrolment System (WES). It is your responsibility to be available to sit a deferred exam at the scheduled time.

For details on eligibility and how to apply, see special consideration.

How this affects your results

Until you complete your deferred exam or supplementary exam/assessment, you will have an incomplete result. An incomplete result does not satisfy unit prerequisites. This could prevent you from enrolling in some units. Please check your enrolment carefully and consult your faculty.

Once you complete a deferred exam or final assessment, the result of that assessment will be final.

Venues for deferred and supplementary exams

Caulfield Racecourse
Gippsland Gippsland campus
South Africa Monash South Africa
Malaysia Malaysia campus
Off-campus Off-campus venues

Overseas exams

You may be able to sit your deferred exam at an overseas venue. For details, see sitting your deferred exam overseas.

Rescheduling a deferred final exam or assessment

If you've been granted a deferred final exam or assessment, but you're unable to sit the exam or complete the assessment task, in some cases you can apply for a rescheduling. This can be due to:

  • an ongoing disability, which you have registered with Monash Disability Services
  • your circumstances, for which you were granted a deferred exam or assessment, are unresolved

To apply

  1. Apply in writing within two working days of the day or your deferred final assessment task
  2. Provide evidence of your circumstances with supporting documents
  3. Submit your application to the faculty teaching the unit

The faculty teaching the unit will arrange a meeting with you to consider your application. You can take a support person to that meeting. The rescheduled exam or assessment task must occur within 12 months.

Unable to complete a deferred final exam or assessment

If you can't sit your deferred final assessment, due to extreme circumstances beyond your control, you can apply for a WI (withdrawn incomplete) grade. WI is not a passing grade (due to incomplete unit requirements) but unlike other fail grades, a WI will not be included on your Grade Point Average (GPA) or Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

To apply

  1. Apply in writing to your managing faculty within 20 University working days from when your result is published
  2. Provide evidence that your circumstances were extreme and either:
    • were unforeseeable when you were granted a deferred final assessment
    • occurred after the deferred final assessment was granted.

Acceptable reasons include:

  • serious illness requiring hospitalisation
  • death of an immediate family member
  • obligations to emergency or military service
  • extreme circumstances of similar severity.

Acceptable evidence includes:

  • record of hospital admission
  • police reports
  • notification of obligations to emergency or military service.

Your faculty will assess your application and notify you of the result.

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